Philip E. Searcy


About Phil

Phil is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and is a Board Certified Specialist in both Residential Real Property Law and Commercial Real Property Law.  His practice areas include residential real estate, commercial real estate, industrial transactions, foreclosures, and basic estate planning.

He has served on the Real Property Specialization Committee for the North Carolina State Bar, which is responsible for the testing of candidates who want to be recognized as specialists in the practice of real estate law.  Phil also served five years on the North Carolina Bar Association/NC Realtors Association Forms Committee, which is responsible for drafting the standard real estate forms for the state of North Carolina.

Phil enjoys playing golf, cycling, and spending time with family.  On why he chose to become an attorney, Phil says this: I grew up in 2 small towns in the North Carolina Mountains.  Jefferson then Black Mountain.  In both towns there was an attorney who impressed me.  They were the ones the folks looked to for help when there were problems at church or in the community.  Both men were respected but were very humble and approachable.  At age 12 I gathered the courage to ask one of them if I could help him around the office.  I told him I was curious about what lawyers and wondered if it was a profession I would enjoy.  He very graciously took me under his wing and allowed me to go to court with him one day and to run errands around town for him.  I saw people at all stations in life seek his counsel and come away apparently more comfortable with their situations than before their meeting.  He told me that what most people need in a lawyer is one who is fairly intelligent with a strong work ethic, a keen sense of right and wrong, and a large dose of common sense.  My summer of 1967 convinced me I wanted to be lawyer.


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