Practice Area Estate Administration & Probate Matters


We have attorneys who can help you in administering the estate of a decedent or a trust, including Specialists in Estate Planning and Probate Law who are certified by the North Carolina State Board of Legal Specialization. We also have experienced staff and paralegals who work with estates and trusts. We provide comprehensive estate administration services to executors and administrators who are charged with the responsibility of administering a decedent’s estate, and to trustees who are responsible for administering trusts.

Some aspects of estate administration and probate include:

We will work with your tax preparer and assist with tax compliance matters which arise during the administration of an estate or trust. If you do not have a tax preparer, we can assist with the preparation and filing of the decedent’s final income tax return and fiduciary income tax returns for the estate and/or trust. We will help you formulate a plan to minimize income taxes for the estate and its beneficiaries, and, where appropriate, we can prepare and file federal and state estate tax returns.

We strive to work with you, and with your advisors to address and meet your lifetime needs, as well as the needs of your family and loved ones after your death.

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